Cyber and digitalization in the Swiss Armed Forces 


Digitalisation is not only taking place in our everyday lives, in business and industry, but also in the army. Digitalisation means more than just cool "gadgets" or IT - digitalisation is business. Digitalisation is omnipresent in our everyday lives and it has also arrived in the armed forces. The army's state in the field of digitalisation can easily be compared to a visit to a restaurant:  Many start-ups and smaller companies are already on the main course or have ordered dessert. We as the Armed Forces have just come in and hung up our jacket. The expectations of digitalisation are high and the army will meet them in three steps: The first step is about the Armed Forces digitally designing existing processes, extracting data from them and evaluating information from them. The second step is about combining data across different silos and generating knowledge. And in a third step, it's about designing new businesses and redesigning businesses. It starts with steps like we have to meet our digitally grown-up militia at eye level, for example with digital service books. Then it goes to the digitalisation of our actual armed forces and continues to the digitalisation of military administration. The head of the Armed Forces, Corps Commander Thomas Süssli, explains these steps in more detail here.



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Vision 2030 of the Swiss Armed Forces

Vision 2030 describes how the Armed Forces will develop into the 2030s. Four strategic principles set out the path to the vision and describe how the armed forces will get there. They influence the daily work in the Defence Group and in the militia. Thus, we focus our thoughts and actions on the mission, we empower our militia through appropriate equipment and training, we exploit Switzerland's potential by identifying synergies, we use the values, the diversity of the population, the culture and the terrain of Switzerland. Last but not least, but equally important, we promote and integrate innovation and digitalisation, thus increasing our effectiveness and efficiency. Click here for more information on Vision 2030.

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About us

The public perception of the Swiss Armed Forces needs to be even better - we would like to explain and show you what our citizens in uniform contribute to the security of Switzerland. For this reason, the top event CONNECTED will take place from 16 - 20 August at the Kloten-Bülach military training area. The armed forces have an impact in all operational spheres - including cyber and electromagnetic space. With a focus on the topics of digitalisation and cyber, we will provide a unique and exciting insight into our tasks and capabilities in virtual spaces at CONNECTED. Our civilian partners and industry will also be present. To give you this insight, a team of over ten people is working every day to make this event a success. 

Oberst Pascal Martin

Colonel Pascal Martin - Project manager

"Success always has to do with teamwork."
Alain Erba

Alain Erba - Project manager general entrepreneur

"I'm excited to be part of the CONNECTED team as a general contractor and to provide visitors with a great event experience with many highlights."
Oliver Haudenschild

Oliver Haudenschild - Deputy project manager/USC Op (Lieuteant colonel)

"Courage is good, but perseverance is better."
Thomas Fässler

Thomas Fässler - TPL Cyber (Maj GS)

"You get a head start in life if you tackle where others talk first."
Christian Hofstetter

Christian Hofstetter - Creative Cell (Captain)

"It is a very interesting and educational opportunity to be able to participate as a militia officer in the organization of the top event CONNECTED. Being part of the competent organizing committee is great fun and offers a welcome change."
Melanie Koch

Melanie Koch - USC Human resources (Lieuteant colonel)

"Personalities, not principles, determine the course of time".
Ramun Hofmann

Ramun Hofmann - C Creative Cell (Lieuteant colonel)

"I'm excited to bring innovative inputs from private industry to the project with Creative Cell."
Therese Spitteler

Therese Spitteler - USC FU (Lieuteant colonel)

"Passion is at the beginning of every success."
Lorena Castelberg

Lorena Castelberg - C Marketing & Communication

"Oatmeal sounds like horse feed and is cheap. Porridge sounds like a fancy meal and costs 8.50 francs at a hipster cafe. #Marketing".