For security, Switzerland wants to monitor and protect its airspace and defend it in the event of an attack. As a neutral state, it wants to be as little dependent as possible on other states or organizations for this.

A combination of fighter aircraft and ground-based air defense is needed to protect and defend airspace. Today's fighter aircraft and short-range ground-based air defense are obsolete or will soon be so. The Swiss Armed Forces are therefore procuring new F-35A fighter aircraft and the Patriot ground-based air defense system.

At the Air2030 stand in the "People in focus" area, you will receive various information materials on these exciting procurement projects. You will also have the opportunity to talk to Swiss Air Force pilots about the new procurements and ask them your questions.

The Air2030 booth will be complemented with information from "SPHAIR", the aviation pre-school for professional military pilots, drone pilots and anyone who wants to become a paratrooper.

The Air2030 stand serves to exchange information with the public on the topics of Air2030 and military pilot training. It will be manned by pilots from the Swiss Air Force.