Today's world is becoming increasingly complex. It is a pulsating fabric of mobility, diversity and automation. We are constantly accessible everywhere, networked and connected with the entire world. Digitization has long since taken root in every aspect of our lives and has become a taken-for-granted reality. But what happens when this familiar certainty is suddenly shaken?

Immerse yourself in a rousing show in the arena and experience the modern, networked and digital society. Experience first-hand how the army can assist and support civilian authorities in times of crisis, such as power outages.

Enter the fascinating world of digital networking and recognize the crucial role of the new Cyber Command. Learn how the army is being connected with the help of digital innovations in this high-tech era. Feel the pulse of the future of the army and let yourself be carried away by the exciting journey into the virtual worlds.

A show in which all participate

Take part in a captivating insight into the army's ability to create a consolidated situation picture from individual pieces of information and data from different sensors. Experience how this complexity is assembled into a clearly structured mosaic that serves as a compass to navigate crises and conflicts. Realise that you too can make a valuable contribution to this overall picture.

Facts and figures:

The arena screening is undoubtedly one of the big highlights during CONNECTED. You will be part of an audience seated in an ARENA with around 1200 seats, including specially equipped seats for people with walking impairments. This fascinating show lasts approximately 30 minutes and is accompanied by a variety of effects. Don't miss this unforgettable experience. You can reserve your seat in one of the arena shows today via the website!

The demonstration is a production with representatives from the army, administration and the private sector.

Involved partners: