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armasuisse Science and Technology (S+T) is the technology center of the DDPS. As such, we provide technology expertise from a single source! Thus, we ensure scientific-technical competences for the armed forces and the DDPS as well as for security organizations outside the DDPS. Our experts check and test technical specifications on our infrastructures, which are unique in Switzerland, and thus create the basis for risk-minimized technology decisions. We also test and assess the security requirements of current and future systems in the defense and security sector with regard to their operational, functional and effective capabilities. And together with our national and international partner network, we develop innovative and effective solutions for the current and future challenges of the DDPS.

At CONNECTED, we give you insights into some current and exciting projects. Are you interested in outer space? With us, you can track satellites in real time with a tablet! You only know robots from the media? With us you can observe a walking robot up close! Are you interested in cyber and data transmission? Our technical experts will give you an interactive introduction to what we mean by this and what current challenges we are currently working on. In addition, in the project "Clearance of former ammunition depot Mitholz", you can explore the formerly secret bunker facility with the ammunition from the 1947 explosion in a 360° tour.

Get a picture for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you and taking you into the world of science and technology.


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