Ausbildung & Awareness Cyber Security (ABAW)



Technical security measures, such as firewalls, no longer provide sufficient protection against cyber attacks. Raising employee awareness of the current threats in cyberspace is therefore one of the most important tasks in information/IT security and cyber security.

The Education & Awareness Cyber Security (ABAW) team is responsible for raising awareness, educating and training employees of the Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) - including the Cyber Command project - and the militia of the Armed Forces in the area of information/IT security and cyber security. For this purpose, the ABAW team creates campaigns and learning content on the topic of information/information technology security and cyber security.

At CONNECTED we show interactive games, a serious game as well as presentations on current topics in the field of information/IT security and cyber security. This makes visitors aware of the various types of threats and risks in and outside cyberspace. In addition, visitors learn valuable tips and tricks for safe behavior in cyberspace and the responsible handling of personal data.

To help visitors remember CONNECTED, useful giveaways will be handed out.