Army training center


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The Modular Clothing and Equipment System for Military Operations (MBAS) will be introduced from 2023. All soldiers will be equipped with it. MBAS is developed according to the latest findings and manufactured with high-quality material. At the MBAS booth, this equipment can be viewed and the training means can be experienced interactively.

The Armed Forces Training Center in Walenstadt provides practical training and further training for professional military personnel. It is responsible for issuing authorizations in the area of means of coercion and for the use of explosive ammunition. At the Armed Forces Training Center, troops practice in combat exercises with simulation support on a reciprocal basis. At the level of the armed forces, the training center is responsible for the safety aspects of the training infrastructure at all federally owned firing ranges and firing installations.

Testing/Development area

Based on the specifications of the Armed Forces Staff and the Training Command, the Testing and Development Division at the Armed Forces Training Center assesses the suitability of material and equipment for use by troops.

In this context, he is responsible for conducting principle, troop and verification tests at the level of the Training Command. Weapon systems, ammunition, devices, vehicles, equipment and clothing that are to be procured for the entire armed forces are tested - before they are procured - with the participation of troops and professional military personnel on the basis of a test order. These trials and the developments are carried out in close cooperation with the procurement authority under the responsibility and management of the trials and development department at the AZA.


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