Catering Services Migros



With Catering Services Migros, CONNECTED has an excellent partner at its side when it comes to quenching your thirst and counteracting your rumbling stomach. Catering Services Migros always prepares its culinary highlights fresh on site and offers CONNECTED a professional full service. The biggest highlight follows on Sunday - The Brunch!

The brunch offers everything your heart desires on a Sunday morning: various types of freshly baked bread, Bircher muesli, yogurt, various meat and sausage specialties as well as selected hard and soft cheeses, seasonal and fresh fruit. Scrambled eggs, chili grilly, potato salad, vegetarian Aelpler Maggronen, apple sauce or smoked turkey breast - the selection is large! And also for the little sweet is provided: With homemade chocolate cake and Rüeblicake.

Unfortunately, tickets for the Sunday brunch can no longer be booked from now on. But the Gastro-Zone offers all other visitors a great range of food and drinks as well!


Exhibitions on Sunday

11 a.m.