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Cisco was founded to connect people and then laid the foundation for the Internet, developing the world's first multi-protocol network router in 1986.We still follow this approach - our global reputation as a leader in Internet protocol-based networking, stems directly from this core area of our business. Meanwhile, our range of offerings has evolved far beyond switches and routers. Cisco provides robust tools, software, and professional services in cybersecurity, data center & cloud, Internet of Things, and mobility, just to name a few.We approach customer needs holistically with a platform-centric view to ensure that everything we deliver supports customer strategy and delivers business value. Only a secure network forms the basis for successful digital transformation.

Cisco as an industry partner of the Swiss Army (video)

At our booth in the industry tent, you can get to know the different areas of Cisco in more detail and also participate in a quiz where you have the opportunity to win prizes. On top of that, we will raffle a few helicopter simulator flights daily. In “Halle 2”, in our Cisco Heli-Pad Bistro, you can redeem your won voucher with our partner Loft Dynamics (Airbus H125 VR Helicopter Flight Simulator).

Simulator flying, as realistic as never before... Fly the world's only EASA qualified, professional virtual reality flight simulator! Loft Dynamics presents the mobile Airbus H125 VR simulator with high resolution panoramic 3D view and dynamic 6 DoF motion platform. The true-to-life cockpit in combination with the unique Loft Dynamics Pose Tracking System allows intuitive operation of the cockpit elements.

In the riding hall in our Cisco Heli-Pad Bistro you can redeem your won voucher at our partner Loft Dynamics (Airbus H125 VR Helicopter Flight Simulator).