CyOne Security AG

Industry partner


Digitization creates high added value in many areas of life through its diverse networked products and services. However, this greater networking also brings with it dangers. Attacks from cyberspace are on the rise and pose increasingly demanding challenges for industry as well as public authorities. They are required to protect sensitive data, their IT infrastructure and their networked products more comprehensively. This requires partners with in-depth know-how for highly secure, innovative and tailored security solutions.

CyOne Security AG is a Swiss high-tech company with expertise in Cipher Security, Cyber Security and IoT Security. CyOne Security's innovative 360° security concepts and solutions offer comprehensive protection against cyber risks. The state-of-the-art solutions meet all security challenges. They enable authorities and industry to build a comprehensive, agile security architecture, which is additionally based on the highest cryptographic expertise.

CyOne Security has many years of project experience in working with Swiss authorities up to the highest classification level. Security engineering, secure system engineering and an established and tested supply chain are the company's hallmarks.

The need-based security solutions therefore offer high-performance, the highest level of protection in numerous use cases.

Secure Switzerland. Bit by bit.