Command Support Brigade 41


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Those who have information ensure success. We as Command Support Brigade 41 (FU Br 41) are the information and communications technology brigade. Our missions are ongoing and take place everywhere. The management of numerous major events is no longer conceivable without the services of Command Support Brigade 41. Through all these missions, we continue to educate and develop ourselves. With the knowledge and skills of 11,500 militia cadres and soldiers, we keep pace with technological developments and thus make a significant contribution to security in Switzerland.

Leadership support, what is it?

Command support (CSS) comprises all activities and infrastructures that ensure the command capability of the armed forces and national crisis management. This includes the operation of command and control facilities, crisis-resistant telecommunications networks, data centers, civil and military IT applications and permanent airspace surveillance using radar. Other special areas include electronic warfare, the services of language specialists and cryptology. Command Support Brigade 41 is responsible for these challenging tasks.

The Command Support Brigade 41 will not only exhibit, but will also give visitors the opportunity to use its equipment. Military visitors will get to know radio and directional beams up close and try them out for themselves. Families can take part in a family course and get to know the army and its means of communication in a fun and exciting way. At more than 40 stations, visitors can, for example, use the radio, test the directional beam or try out the modern e-learning modules of the Command Support Brigade 41. There will also be special posts for younger children. Children can paint military subjects, build vehicle models from handicraft sheets or try out the "XXL sandbox".

Family Course

The FU Br 41 wants to offer something especially for families. It runs 40 different animations on the specially developed family course. There, military equipment such as wheeled infantry fighting vehicles can be explored for themselves. For the first time, the future brand-new radio and directional beam systems will also be presented to the public, which not even the troops know about yet.

Even a radio kit can be built and taken home. The new digital training tools can also be tried out, for example the modern e-learning lessons of the FU Br 41, which have been filmed YouTube-style. The most diligent youngsters and children from 1 to 20 years of age will receive a small military gift at the family course. The main prize is a "Ordonnanz-Fahrrad 05 mit Trommelbremse": The 20 youths or children who have completed the most items per day at FU Br 41 will be in the final round for the bicycle raffle. In addition, these hardest working 20 kids will receive a great brand new military pack knife. Other military equipment such as backpacks, binoculars or lanterns can be won by drawing lots.

How big the family course is and where things are located can be seen on this situation map.


Exhibitions on Friday

10 a.m.
4 p.m.