Military history



The Central Office for Historical Army Material as part of the Army Staff is responsible for the collection and preservation of historical objects and documents of the Swiss Armed Forces.

To this end, it commissions three private foundations to implement museum activities (inventory, conservation, restoration, documentation and knowledge transfer) at a total of four locations in Switzerland.

Collection Centers of Military History:

  • The HAM Foundation in Thun is responsible for the collection centers in Thun (with weapons, uniforms, equipment and documentation of all kinds) and Burgdorf (with the historical vehicles of the Swiss Army).
  • The HAMFU Foundation in Uster is responsible for the collection center in Uster-Winikon (with the objects and documentation of the command support).
  • The MHMLW Foundation in Dübendorf is responsible for the collection center (Air Force Center) in Dübendorf (with the objects and documentation of the Air Force).  

Guided tours for visitors are conducted in all four collection centers - by appointment. For this purpose, the collection centers each contain a display collection.

In Dübendorf, the Aviation Museum can also be visited without an appointment.

Within the framework of a small exhibition at CONNECTED, the HAMFU Foundation will display - in line with the thematic area of Command Support and Cyber - some lovingly restored exhibits on the subject of Electronic Warfare (EW) of the Swiss Army in the period between the First World War and the end of the last century. The exhibits and their use are competently presented to the visitors by former officers from the EW formations. This is a good introduction for all visitors of CONNECTED to the topic EW, which should be continued by a visit of the exhibition of the current means of the Swiss Army in this topic area at the EW Batallion 52 in the field. The Command Support Brigade 41 has set up an exciting family trail for this purpose.