ICT Warrior Academy



The ICT Warrior Academy (IWA) is the training center of the Cyber Command. Employees are offered a wide range of courses on organizational, methodological and technical topics. In addition, various advanced training courses are offered with technical depth such as artificial intelligence, operating systems, databases, networks, automation and cyber security. Events and TechTalks with the topics military, technology, IT, science and research take place regularly.

IWA offers the courses ICT Systems Specialist Junior and Cyber Defense (focus Security Operation Center) for existing as well as for new employees. Courses last up to twelve months and can be attended full or part time, depending on the course. Further courses are being planned.

The IWA cooperates with universities of applied sciences and universities in order to be able to use top-class lecturers. They appreciate the top-equipped facilities, which not only allow hybrid teaching, but also the possibility for events for larger groups. IWA's Innospace is the ideal creative space for workshops, panel discussions and more.

The IWA shows two demos of this year's hackathon on the topic of "artificial intelligence" of the ICT Systems Specialist Junior course. You take on an active role, can directly try out the systems and control the results of the two demos with your body:

Flag alphabet: Display your name on the screen using the flag alphabet. Who is the fastest at signaling with flags? Compete with others in a direct duel.

Roboterparcours: Steuere mit deinen Posen («Body Pose») einen Roboter durch den vorgegebenen Parcours. Kannst Du den Tennisball ins Ziel bringen? Bist du koordinativ auf der Höhe und steuerst den Roboter am schnellsten durch den Parcours?

Two participants from the current ICT Systems Specialist Junior course will accompany you through our two activities. They will also be happy to answer your questions about the demos and the ICT Systems Specialist Junior course. Furthermore, someone from the IWA team will be available to answer your questions.


Exhibitions on Friday

10 a.m.
10 a.m.