Zurich Cantonal Police


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The cantonal police assume responsibility for security in the canton of Zurich. As criminal, security and traffic police, it acts in accordance with the applicable legal basis in the three tasks of prevention, intervention and repression. With its airport police, it has a strong presence here in Kloten. The army and the police are both involved in the Swiss Security Network.

At the Connected event, the cantonal police will operate a stand focusing on cybercrime, where employees of the Cybercrime Division will provide information and inform visitors about current topics. In this way, the cantonal police are supporting the event, which is dedicated to the topic of cyber, from a criminal police perspective. Those interested can find out about the three most current topics: romance scam, online investment fraud and ransomware. Likewise, phishing, fake website, fraud, spoofing, malware and many other phenomena are part of the cybercrimi-nality that the Cybercrime Division of the Zurich Cantonal Police deals with on a daily basis.

Information on fraudulent practices on the Internet and figures on combating cybercrime can also be found on the website cybercrimepolice.ch.

Sit on a police motorcycle at the stand of the Zurich Cantonal Police and take a look inside the mobile operations center. If you would like to do this not just once, but professionally in the future, the on-site recruiting department will give you the necessary application input.

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