Infantry training unit



"We credibly prepare professional and militia cadre of our infantry to win in the current operational environment."

Mission Command Infantry Unit Training 18 (Kdo Inf VBA 18):

  • Ensures the continued development of our infantry with the support of new digital tools;
  • Conducts tactical courses for the professional infantry;
  • Supports the infantry schools and the army training center;
  • Conducts the TLG I and TLG II technical training courses;
  • Provides support to infantry battalions in cadre pre-courses and training services.

Philosophy Kdo Inf VBA 18:

  • We develop threat-focused solutions for the deployment of our infantry units in the environment of the new digital world.
  • We do the essentials, but well!
  • We constantly educate ourselves as "lifelong learners" and consistently act as a team.

This booth will display the latest generation of mini-drones, which are used by the Swiss Army in various forms of operations.

To bring the possibilities with mini drones in the army closer, exciting live drone flights will also be presented to the visitors.