Military Police Command



Die Militärpolizei ist DIE Polizei der Armee, welche dank ihrer Berufs- und Milizformationen permanent 24/7/365 in der ganzen Schweiz und im Ausland eingesetzt ist. Ausserdem erbringt die Militärpolizei, im Rahmen von Unterstützungseinsätzen, auch Leistungen zugunsten der zivilen Behörden.

With its exclusive services, the Armed Forces Police contributes to security and order within the Armed Forces by providing information, advice, preventive and repressive actions, visible presence and other appropriate measures. In its role as the security service of the Armed Forces, it contributes to the security of persons, property and security-relevant military objects through active and passive protective measures, visible presence as well as information and advice.

In order to provide these services, the military police have the latest technological means at their disposal, which are used in traffic accidents (overview of damage sites by means of drones), in criminal investigations (searches of data carriers and/or cell phones) and in operational command (command support software, program for logging police cases).

At the stand of the Military Police you will be welcomed by professionals and militia members of the Military Police who will present you our tasks, our means, the possibilities of an assignment (militia function) or even the professional opportunities within the professional component of the Military Police.