Command recruitment



The Recruiting Command makes a decisive contribution to the provision of a credible and effective Swiss Armed Forces.

Looking for challenges? On the road to experience something new? Ready?

The step out of the everyday life and the adventure begins at the moment of decision in the recruitment process. It does not matter where you come from to become part of a strong team #teamarmee.

The Recruitment Command is responsible for the selection of future members of the armed forces. Recruitment verifies fitness for service and assigns a function in the armed forces or civil defense on the basis of aptitude, inclination and need.

Depending on the canton of residence, recruitment takes place in one of the six recruitment centers set up specifically for this purpose. There, specialists determine the skills and talents of the conscripts and women who want to serve voluntarily. After that, a decision is made on their assignment and function. The focus is on their state of health, their physical fitness, the health of their psyche and the safety of entrusting them with their personal weapons.

As a rule, recruitment takes place three to twelve months before recruit school and lasts two to three days. Recruit school is then completed between the ages of 19 and 25.