Competence Center Mountain Service of the Armed Forces



The Armed Forces Mountain Service Competence Center (Komp Zen Geb D A), located in Andermatt, is responsible for the training and further development of the military mountain and avalanche service throughout the Armed Forces. In addition, Komp Zen Geb D A ensures permanent readiness with mountain specialists for search and rescue operations in chambered, mountainous terrain.

The core tasks of the Komp Zen Geb D A include the following areas:

  • Basic training of all mountain specialists and conduct of mountain specialist recruit and NCO school, including through-service school;
  • Further training and leadership of the Mountain Specialist Division 1 in the advanced training service "WK" of the troop;
  • Ensuring the permanent readiness of mountain specialist formations for search and rescue tasks or for training support in mountain and avalanche service for the benefit of the entire armed forces;
  • Conducting national and international training courses in the field of military mountain and avalanche service;
  • Support and advice to military and civilian national and international organizations in the field of mountain and avalanche services.

For this purpose, the Komp Zen Geb D A has the following means and formations:

  • School 15 (Geb Spez S 15);
  • Mountain Specialist Division 1 (Geb Spez Abt 1);
  • Mountain Specialists Ready Detachment 104/204 (Geb Spez Ber Det 104/204), Durchdiener (DD);
  • Professional component of the Komp Zen Geb D A (Professional Military / Professional Instructor Mountain Guide).