Competence Center Military Music



Music CONNECTS people and cultures

With 340 missions per year, the games impress with their high quality. They provide the backdrop for events organized by the armed forces and special events organized by the federal government and the public. With its performances at home and abroad, the military music also represents the high performance capability of our militia army.

Swiss military music has an educational mission

High quality and competence in training and deployment are trademarks of Swiss military music. The various formations fascinate with their versatility and enthusiasm. The military music challenges young musicians and trains the cadre in intensive courses.

Every year, around 190 young musicians can benefit from training in the recruit and cadre schools. During 18 weeks of service, they are trained to form training and operational formations. The games are musical role models for our youth. The wide-ranging training enables the orchestra to competently fulfill the versatile tasks such as the musical framing of state receptions, promotion ceremonies, flag ceremonies and operations for the army, the federal government and the public. With hall and square concerts, workshops and music parades, the recruit orchestra also builds an important musical bridge between the population and the armed forces.

Young and dynamic - CONNECTED with the Mil Musik RS 16-2

With wind players, percussionists and drummers, the RS 16-2/23 offers a variety of repertoire and sound colors: in addition to marches and Swiss music literature, there is jazz, modern light music and, of course, solo interludes to be heard.


Exhibitions on Friday

7 p.m.