Air Force Training Command 82


Badge LW Tng Kdo 82

The Air Force Training Command 82 / Waffenplatz (LW Tng Kdo 82 / Wpl), which is stationed in Dübendorf ZH, ensures the basic training of cadres and crews of the Air Force Intelligence Formations. For this purpose, two recruit, two NCO schools as well as technical courses are conducted annually. The Air Force Intelligence Formations are supervised and supported by the Air Force Training Command 82 during the recurrent courses and the missions in planning and command.

The following main functions are trained;

The air intelligence soldier obtains and disseminates current information on the environment, aircraft movements, terrestrial actions, and special intelligence requirements. The units of the LW Tng Kdo 82 are thus responsible for condensing the air situation picture as well as for supporting the air force

The following areas are trained;

The intelligence section collects information from the air and ground for the Air Force. The collected information is processed for the air force via the intelligence center.

Weather data, on the ground and in the air, is collected in the Weather section.

In the SIGINT (signal intelligence) area, linguistic and electronic signals from the room are recorded and processed.

The EZ Betr (Operations Center Operations) division establishes and operates a unit's operations center, including radio and transport center. It thus creates favorable conditions for the command and control of the air force.

In the TAFLIR (tactical airborne radar) domain, the system is set up according to local Air Force specifications and thus directly condenses the air situation picture.

Likewise, additional drivers are trained as dual functionaries for the mentioned areas.

On the Air Force Training Command 82 exhibit floor, you'll see just about everything we need for our mission.

Thus, we will be on site with components of the tactical airborne radar (TAFLIR), with our Air Force weather post including system, as well as an Air Force intelligence post and a mobile intelligence center.

The rotating radar of the TAFLIR will not be overlooked. Besides the radar, we also have the aeronautical radio antenna ready. From the vicinity you can examine the various components and containers. In the weather area we will present the altitude sounding system as well as a weather post and the results of the soundings. The air force message post and the associated mobile control center invite you to follow the information path and try out the optical aids.

In the central area of our exhibition space you will get to know us Command as a whole and the mission associated with it.