Project IPLIS


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IPLIS - the new command and control system of the Swiss Armed Forces

The Integrated Planning and Situation Tracking Information System (IPLIS) project is intended to digitally support, standardize and simplify the operational capabilities "action planning" and "situation tracking" of the armed forces across all operational spheres and command levels by 2030, among other things. The existing CPF, FIS HE, FIS LW and INTAFF 97 systems are to be replaced by IPLIS. The SitaWare software from the Danish manufacturer Systematic is the foundation and starting point for IPLIS.

At CONNECTED we will present the IPLIS project and the SitaWare software. Are you interested in the new command and control system of the Swiss Army? Our project team will be happy to explain the scope and goals of the project to you. Would you like to know how SitaWare will be used on the different command levels in the future? Experience the three different software modules "Headquarters", "Frontline" and "Edge" in an interactive live demo. The terms "Multidomain", "Interoperability" and "SNFW" are on everyone's lips and you are wondering what this means exactly?

Then visit us! We look forward to welcoming you in our tent at the armasuisse S+T and to presenting the new command and control system of the Swiss Armed Forces.

SitaWare Edge ist für den Einsatz durch abgesetzte Einheiten konzipiert