Swiss Drone League



On 19.08.23 the SWISS DRONE LEAGUE realizes in cooperation with dronevent at the CONNECTED the ultimate drone arena!

FPV pro show race, flying in the skill course, team flight with the control pad, FPV race with video goggles, drone simulator in the SDL race track or hybrid online race with the remote PC -> Ultimate action is guaranteed - come by!

Drone Racing - The trend sport, which perfectly covers current topics such as digitalization, innovation, eSports, drone technology and VR and optimally fulfills the need for unique content.

The Swiss Drone League (SDL) brought the "Formula E of the skies" as a combination of eSport and physical racing to the big stage in record time. Spectacular races with Europe's best pilots thrill audiences at breathtaking venues across the country. Drone racing is a racing sport in which drones equipped with cameras are remotely controlled to complete a specific course as quickly as possible. The pilot practically sits in the cockpit of the drone on the first-person view (FPV) with special goggles.

SDL came to success with a lot of pioneering work and fits perfectly to CONNECTED - the top event for everyone, directly related to cyber and digitalization!

SDL VHS Fotoshooting