Swisscom Broadcast

Industry partner


Swisscom Broadcast is the leading Swiss provider of high-availability communication, security and video analytics solutions. For the public sector, blue light organizations or major events. As a Swisscom Group company, we have decades of experience in the security environment and have been an important partner of the Swiss Armed Forces for many years. We are pleased to support CONNECTED with our services such as drone defense, video security or streaming and to give visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.

Swisscom Broadcast is a Swisscom Group company with decades of experience in the security environment. We build, operate and maintain customer-specific radio networks: radio and TV broadcast networks as well as security and professional radio networks for the police and other blue-light organizations. In addition, Swisscom Broadcast offers services in the video sector: platform services for the distribution of IPTV & Web TV as well as sophisticated solutions in video security and video analysis. This offering is expanded to include temporary ICT services for the event and media sector.

As an important partner, we have been supporting the Swiss Armed Forces with numerous services for many years. We are pleased to support the CONNECTED event and to give visitors an insight into our activities.