Peacebuilding in an international context is one of the three missions of the Swiss Armed Forces and as such is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and the Military Act. As the national operational command, the SWISSINT Center of Competence is responsible for the operational implementation of the Armed Forces' peacebuilding mission.

The implementation of the Armed Forces peacebuilding mission includes recruitment and personnel management, logistics, financial planning and management, mission-related training, national leadership during the mission, evaluation and public relations. This applies to all Swiss military contingents and individually deployed persons who perform a foreign deployment in the armed forces peacebuilding mission.

The presence of SWISSINT within the framework of CONNECTED shows the range of services and capabilities of the armed forces in the international environment and integrates itself as an exciting component in the overall show. As a highlight, live video calls will be made on Saturday and Sunday directly into the operations room, connecting visitors to CONNECTED with Swiss peacekeepers on missions abroad.

SWISSINT brings peacebuilding to life as part of CONNECTED. Visitors can immerse themselves in the everyday life of peacekeepers on the UN Observer Tower or on a guided tour through the Mine Learning Trail. Special vehicles and the SWISSINT Roadshow, a multimedia information vehicle, will also be on display. The stand will be manned by experienced men and women from the SWISSINT Marketing Team.


Exhibitions on Saturday

2 p.m.