The Federal Office of Topography swisstopo surveys and documents Switzerland to the nearest centimeter. The maps and data produced from the geoinformation are indispensable for the economy, society and, in particular, for the Swiss Armed Forces.

Typical swisstopo products are elevation and landscape models, true-to-scale aerial photographs, geological data and maps, and of course the national maps. An app with versatile outdoor functions makes the maps available anytime and anywhere.

Swisstopo also coordinates the activities of public authorities and the private sector, for example in land surveying or the use of the subsoil.

Geodata not only provide information about vegetation, rock strata, political boundaries, bodies of water or changes in the landscape. They also provide the basis for digital transformation. After all, almost all events take place somewhere and most of our decisions have a spatial reference.

Learn in a playful way what benefits geodata bring to society. Ask the experts your questions about maps or the swisstopo app and learn about the varied professional apprenticeships and activities at swisstopo. And who knows, you might win an attractive prize in the competition.


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