Telecommunications of the Swiss Armed Forces



Exhibition Telecommunications of the Army (TK A)

Modernization of the telecommunications of the army

Modern military systems require robust ICT connections with the broadest possible bandwidth. This applies to both fixed and semi-mobile or mobile operations. Only with a connection geared to requirements can the troops be supplied with information and intelligence delivered to the command posts so that the necessary knowledge advantage can be achieved.

TK A will replace the existing means of transmission, most of which date from the 1990s, in six procurement steps (PM) up to around 2037.

Within the framework of the project Telecommunications of the Armed Forces, new up-to-date communication systems are being procured. For the militia army, aspects such as user-friendliness, flexibility, mobility, etc. are central, but security must not be lacking and must be available at a high level.

Convince yourself and visit the TK A exhibition at CONNECTED, where you can experience an insight into the TK A devices/components, vehicles and the planned launches.

The Kdo FU SKS and the department Systems/Ei IKT are looking forward to your visit.