Do you have any questions? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about CONNECTED.


Is there a charge for attending the event?

How much time should I allow for an exhibition visit?

Can children be taken to the exhibition?

Are dogs allowed on the event site?

Do I need to consider special footwear and clothing for the visit?

Event site

Are the event area and the individual exhibitions wheelchair accessible?

Are breastfeeding rooms and diaper-changing rooms available?

Is there a possibility to visit the barracks infrastructure, for example a room in which recruits sleep?

Am I allowed to ride my bike, scooter, inline skates, e-scooter, roller board or similar through the event area?


Are parking spaces available?

How do I get from the parking lot to the exhibition area?

Are handicapped parking spaces available?

Are there additional trains and buses available for travel by public transport?

Taking personal belongings

May bags, backpacks or the like be taken onto the exhibition grounds?

I have lost personal items at the event site. Where can I pick up lost items?


Who can I contact if I have questions about the event?